The Magic of Viennese Classicism

Experience the magic of the world-famous Viennese Classicism – in a unique event that brings together classical music, distinguished cuisine and dance performances in a single masterpiece. Viennoble recreates the splendour of a glorious era – an authentic display of perfection that will inspire your spirit.

… will entrance you with a masterpiece combining classical music, classical dance and distinguished cuisine
… brings the Golden Age of Imperial Vienna directly to you – anywhere in the world
… offers tailor-made events that fulfil your every wish – with individual soloists, small ensembles or a hundred-member orchestra

Your Vision

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Viennoble is an ensemble of exceptional musicians and artists who have just one goal: to give you and your guests an unforgettable evening. You give us your vision; we make it reality – everything from an intimate chamber concert through to a grand ball evening with a symphony orchestra. Select from our modules … read more here.

The Event

This gala takes Vienna to the world!

Viennoble brings together classical music, dance and distinguished cuisine in a single exclusive event. Immerse yourself in the magic of Vienna Classicism – for example in the course of our gala evening … read more here.

The Magic

Poetic, moving, inspiring!

Experience a breathtaking event presenting the best-loved waltzes and polkas from the “King of the Waltz”, Johann Strauss, as well as fascinating overtures and arias from operas written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Dancers in period costumes ensure that not just your audience’s ears but also their eyes will be enchanted … read more here.

Exceptional Performers

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Our musicians number among the most talented in their fields. Many of them are members or partners of renowned orchestras and ensembles, such as the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, the Vienna Symphonic Orchestra, the Mozart Orchestra and the Vienna State Opera … read more here.