A Journey into Vienna’s Golden Era

The Imperial Court in Vienna was a generous sponsor of musical geniuses such as Joseph Haydn, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Johann Strauss. Courtly culture reached an apogee – and made Vienna into the global capital of classical music for more than a century.

The Splendour of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy

It is precisely this Golden Era of Viennese Classicism that Viennoble recreates. Exceptional musicians, dancers and performers, magnificent costumes and exclusive delights of Viennese cuisine allow all of your senses to experience the magic of Viennese Classicism.

Musical Jewels of Viennese Classicism

Experience the best-loved waltzes and polkas from the “King of the Waltz”, Johann Strauss, as well as fascinating overtures, arias and duets from operas written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

The Waltz: A King among Dances

Dancers in period costumes ensure that not just your audience’s ears but also their eyes will be enchanted. As the evening progresses, culinary pleasures and a concert give way to a glamorous ball; the place of honour is of course reserved for no other than the waltz, the king of dances. The magic of the world-famous Blue Danube Waltz can only truly be appreciated as a dance.