An Event in a Class of its Own: Concert, Ball and Gala

Viennoble brings together classical music, distinguished cuisine and dance in a single exclusive event. Exceptional musicians, dancers and performers present the perfection of Viennese Classicism. Immerse yourself in an unforgettable event – for example in the form of an audience-pleasing evening program.

A Gala Evening in Three Acts

First Act

45-50 Minutes (string quartet)

String quartet welcomes the guests at the lobby/foyer for drinks before proceeding to the Grand Ballroom.

A hand-selected master pieces in their most original version will attune the audience in the spirit of Mozart’s “A Little Night Music”.

Second Act

90-100 Minutes – 35-40 minutes (orchestra)

  • 20 min intermission
  • 35-40 minutes (orchestra)

In the Grand Ballroom the noble dinner will be introduced accompanied by a musical journey through the waltzing society of the Vienna Imperial Court.

Third Act

35-40 Minutes (orchestra & singers & ballet dancers)

The Concert Part: A selection of the most popular and famous Waltzes and Polkas by the „King of Waltz“ Johann Strauss from the Golden Era of the Operetta will be performed, as well as some of the most sublime overtures, arias and duets from operas by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Suggested orchestra size:

  • 16 or 23 musicians
  • Conductor or standing 1st violin (concertmaster)
  • 2 Opera singers – Soprano and Bariton
  • Between 1  and 3 couples of ballet dancers